Defending Life & Human Equality

Several African American pastors and leaders stood together on Capitol Hill and the surrounding cities conducting an educational campaign regarding the importance of defending life and human equality. Over a three day period, we visited state representatives, attended Congressional Black Caucus events and spoke to an audience of Bishops, Pastors, and Leaders on the relevance and importance of standing for truth.
Dr. Alveda King (Niece of Dr. Martin L. King Jr.)

What is the Nature of the Debate?

In 1856, Dred Scott, a black slave living in a free state challenged the Supreme Court that he should be granted his freedom based on the fact that during his travels with his master, they often lived in states where slavery was prohibited. This raised an interesting question: Was Dred Scott to be considered a person or merely the property of his owner? in a 7-2 ruling against him, the Supreme Court ruled that Dred Scott, or any black slave was in fact, the property of its owner who had the right to do whatever they wanted; and that slave ownership was a private and individual decision. Every person has a right to chose.
Fast forward to the 21 century. We are still fighting the same fight. The unborn are considered to be the property of the mother who carries it and who also has the right to do whatever they want with their own property. It is further argued that abortion is a private and individual decision because every person has a right to choose. But the question I ask is, we have a right to chose what? Hear me out, I would suspect that we all agree that the taking of an innocent life is wrong, the question is: Is abortion the taking of an innocent life? Is abortion unjustified homicide? Yes, if the fetus is a human person. No, if the fetus is not a human person. But what if no one knows when life begins? then we should err on the side of life. For an example, If we were about to bulldoze a house and notice some movement in one of the windows, would you say, "well, it might be nothing, so its ok" or would you stop to check things out more carefully? The responsible thing to do is - "When in doubt, check things out!"

Is the Fetus a Human Person?

Science says, yes! Life begins at the moment of conception. No new genetic information is needed and none is given from birth to old age. The only thing necessary for growth and development is oxygen, shelter, food and water just like you and I.

Reason says, yes! Human beings are persons by virtue of their nature not their function. They are not potential persons, but persons with potential. I remember playing the "Dozens" when I was young. It is the game that many people know as "mama jokes." Your mama is so fat, or so black, or so ugly. What we did not realize is that in the time of slavery, the masters would gather the slaves that they deemed less valuable and sell them by the "dozens." but how many of us realize that our shape, size, shade, stature or function does not determine personhood.

A Person, black, white, in moms stomach or in her arms, are human persons, with intrinsic value, created in the image of God and worthy of our love and protection.

I would love to speak personally with you, your church or school and take a little time to answer your questions and objections or to give clarity on this issue. Please contact me.