I'm A Flirt

I'm A Flirt
Soon As I See Her Walk Up In The Club (I'm A Flirt)
Winkin Her Eyes At Me, When I Roll Up On Them Dubs (I'm A Flirt)
Sometimes When I'm With My Chick On The Low (I'm A Flirt)
And When She's Wit Her Man Lookin At Me, thats Right (I'm A Flirt)
So Homie Don't Bring Your Girl To Meet Me Cuz (I'm A Flirt)
And Baby Don't Bring Your Girlfriend To Eat Cuz (I'm A Flirt)
Please Believe It, Unless Your Game Is Tight And U Trust Her
Then Don't Bring Her Around Me Cuz (I'm A Flirt)

At this point in the song Kelly swears to tell the truth and the whole truth: "When it comes to women I be pimpin like I supposed too." He describes himself as a "Dog on the prowl when [he's] walkin through the mall, If I Could Man I Probably Would Flirt Wit All Yall. In his own words "the moral of the story is cuff yo chick, cuz I'm Black, Handsome, I Sing plus I'm Rich and I'm a Flirt."

The Beat is Bangin, the hook grabs you and the next thing you know your joining in on the chorus "I'm a flirt." But what are you saying about yourself when you say this? Picture this: you walk into a restaurant, you haven't had anything to eat all day, but hey that's your fault. the moment you enter the restaurant you are greeted by the sweet smelling savor of shrimp and lobster along with a juicy steak smothered in mushrooms and onions (my mouth just started watering as I write this). The waitress greets you with a smile eager to seat you, "smoking or non- smoking sir," you ignore her, the smell is too strong, too compelling, it seems to call you by name. You push past her and pull up a chair at the table of a gentleman having dinner with his wife. Without saying a word you begin to dig in, enjoying the strangers meal. You later will have the opportunity to explain to the judge that "it was the restaurants fault, they should never had brought that food around me because it smelled good and I was hungry."

If that makes you laugh, it should, because immediately you realize that there is something wrong with someone who would just start eating out of someone's plate like that. We immediately realize that there is a distinct difference between human beings created in the image of God and a dog. A dog would do just that (i.e. go to the first plate of food he sees and start eating). He would not ask contemplative questions like, "Where did this meal come from?" "Who does it belong to?" "Is this ok for me to do?" No, a dog smells it, see's it, and eat's it. And that is exactly what we would expect from a dog. However, this is not what we would expect from a human being. Human Beings are to exercise good judgment, live morally, and exercise patience over our passions. R. Kelly's request that people "Please don't bring your girlfriend to meet me or out to eat ," says that he lacks sufficient self control to be around women. Repeat after me: "I am not a dog, I am a rational Human Being created in the image of God with purpose and the power to make moral decisions."

With that said, In its proper perspective, believe it or not, I am a flirt. The proper object of my affection and flirting is my wife. That is how it should be.

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