How will you Vote this coming Election?

Should I vote for someone simply because they are black or white? male or female? Democrat or Republican? Who will be better for the economy? Should I vote for someone just because they claim to be a Christian? How should a Christian vote in this coming election? Listen to this message Dr. Norman Geisler gave probably over a decade ago which is still just as timely and relevant today.

How Should Christians Vote this Coming Election?

| Dr. Norman Geisler |

The Subject of Evil is Good

I was reading from the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas this morning on the subject of Evil (I know, huh?). Evil, according to Aquinas, actually does not exist – at least not as a substance or thing. What then is Evil?

Reason or Faith?

Are you a person of Reason or Faith? Science or Religion? Reason says follow the evidence; Faith says simply believe. How can we reconcile what appears to be very opposing positions? In the newly released, "Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics: Surveying the Evidence for the Truth of Christianity" I try to do just that . . .

Does God Exist?

How do we know God exist? After all, we can't see him or touch him. One of the arguments for the existence of God is from Creation. It is called the Cosmological Argument.


Biblical & Religious Literacy? - Widespread Confusion!

In a recent survey, New York Times reports that while Americans are deeply religious, they are also deeply ignorant about religion. No, come on, that can't be true, or is it?

In the survey, the Independent Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life phoned over 3,412 Americans and asked them 32 questions about the Bible, Christianity, other religions and religious figures. Those that scored the highest were Atheist and Agnostics. The survey’s authors concluded that there was “widespread confusion” about “the line between teaching and preaching.”

On CBS Evening News, a Christian businessman was asked if his faith was more a matter of inspiration or information, to which he reply's, "inspiration clearly." He goes on to suggest that knowing the history, books and tenants of Christianity were irrelevant because it was all a matter of faith.

Well I decided to have some fun and do a little survey of my own. Some of the questions are worded in such a way as to give us something to talk about in the future.


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