Listen to interviews and messages from some of the top
Apologists in the country.
The Relevance Thomas Aquinas | Dr. Norman L. Geisler | 0:06:53
Should Ole Aquinas be forgot? Listen to my interview with Dr. Geisler regarding the relevance of Thomas Aquinas.
What is Apologetics? | Shawn Hayes | 0:12:41
Interview on KFAX Consumer Magazine.
Biblical Interpretation | Dr. Tom Howe | 0:56:12
How should we interpret the Bible? Is there a right and wrong way? Does it really matter? Is there a correct way to apply Scripture to our lives? What is the armor of God really all about? Dr. Howe spends a moment to share with us some important principles when studying, interpreting, and applying Scripture.
Chosen But Free | Dr. Norman L. Geisler | 0:10:20
If God is in control of all things, are people really free? If He knows from all eternity what you are going to do, are you really free to do otherwise? What about free will? Don't we have a choice? Dr. Geisler gives a balanced view in the relationship between divine election and human choice.

Refuting Non-Christian Claims | Dr. Norman L. Geisler | 0:09:42
Dr. Geisler shares one of several principles that will enable anyone to refute non-Christian claims.

What was "before" time? | Dr. Norman L. Geisler | 0:05:17
Dr. Geisler answers the question of the relationship between God & Time: Was the Universe created with time or in time?
Does God Exist? | Frank Turek | 0:15:51
Frank Turek answers this question in his talk "I Dont have Enough Faith to be an Atheist" at the California Christian Apologetics Conference.
The Uniqueness of Christianity | Dr. Win Corduan| 0:20:33
Interview with Dr. Corduan on the Uniqueness of Christianity.
The Resurrection of Christ | Harold Felder | 0:22:27
Interview with Harold Felder on the Resurrection of Christ.

How Should Christians Vote this Coming Election? | Dr. Norman Geisler |
The question is no longer whether or not we should vote, but rather how we should vote this coming election?