How will you vote this coming Election?

Personally I have never seen or heard so many people excited about voting this coming election. Many people (especially young people) within the past few years have vocally expressed their frustration over the war in Iraq, our changing economy, and their general distrust of our government officials. Whether it's a slogan on a bumper sticker encouraging us to "Rock the Vote" or the hip hop community appealing to america's youth to "Vote or Die," one thing is for sure . . . the question is no longer whether or not we should vote, but rather how we should vote this coming election?

How should Christians Vote this coming Election?
Should I vote for someone simply because they are black or white? male or female? Democrat or Republican? Who will be better for the economy? Should I vote for someone just because they claim to be a Christian? How should a Christian vote in this coming election? Listen to this message Dr. Norman Geisler gave probably over a decade ago which is still just as timely and relevant today.

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